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Our Vision

Rora Realm is a hybrid of proven concepts within Web3.

The foundation of our project revolves around Rora as a decentralized intellectual property, while incentivizing a Create to Earn and Shill to Earn economy. We’ve taken a lot of influence from NFTs, gaming and anime aesthetics, combining them with certain nuances from meme tokens.
The closest comparison would be a tokenized NFT ecosystem. Featuring a NFT-meets-meme token style of project on the surface, with a profound understanding of DeFi, Yield and Revenue generation. In order to be a sustainable project, you must have the ability to generate revenue to bring back to your investors. Brands and intellectual property are proven to generate revenue at a high level.
Tokens based on characters have a tendency to go viral if they have a strong community behind them, which is great for an IP based business. In order to build the intellectual property of RORA, we are incentivizing a creator economy within our ecosystem. We are frequently creating bounties that encourage our users to participate in:
Content Creation, Art, Lore Writing, Videos, Guerilla Marketing etc.
These will also be assets creators can sell as NFT’s if they please, we just want the content to create a narrative around RORA. By increasing the intellectual property value of RORA, it will put us in the position to be able to generate revenue in the form of partnerships, game titles, comic books, merch and more.
On the surface, Rora is a project that is flashy enough to be able to attract the everyday person, but simple enough that they would be able to understand it. We feel that a project like this will be vital to the contribution of mass adoption for crypto as well as the different chains we will deploy on.
We are building a working economy that will have hundreds, if not thousands of users working together towards the common goal of building an intellectual property that can generate revenue at a high level. Having the community support one another as content creators and creatives, while making money for participating.
All while having automated and sustainable yield practices that are easier to use than 99% of “DeFi” projects in the space.
There is something for everyone in the RORAVERSE!